Semi-Self Employment Route 20/04/2019

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Viral Attack I realise that I have been sick quite often this year since working for myself. I believe it is due to the higher stress level working for yourself than for others. I had being busy on a project from January till end of March. On 9th April, I received another PO for a Read More

Kill the Commute

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I am enjoying the commute by MRT (train) as it gives me more time to read books and learn new things. However, there are many pain commuting brings. I used to work at Loyang Offshore Supply Base and I drove to work. The commute via car took me an hour from door to door each Read More

Interview Regularly

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During our parents’ time, there used to be an era of job for life and there was loyalty between employer and employee. That era was the past. The average tenure for a job now is around 4 years and if you are between eighteen and thirty six, that number drops to below 3 years. Employment Read More

Not Enough Time

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Time is life, we have limited amount of it. We live by this currency. We can continue to waste Time and it can just fly by, it is fluid, it can be bent and flexed to help us. Some of us have more money, some have less. It is often related to how they live Read More

Why are we pursuing Financial Independence?

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There are two new articles by Christopher Ng (here) and Kyith (here) which explains the key reasons why we are pursuing financial independence. Christopher explains the following problems which financial independence is trying to solve.1. Emergence of gig economy2. Retrenchments are affecting younger workers Let me explain from my perspective on why we are pursuing Read More

JC Fund Dividend Income

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Q1 2019 has almost come to an end and most of the companies earnings have been announced. Most of the companies which I owned reported worse results when compared to last year and result in reduction of dividend. FY2018 including special dividend from January to June dividend was S$43k. FY2018 excluding special dividend from January Read More


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Charlie Munger says,” Envy is a really stupid sin because it’s the only one you could never possibly have any fun at. There’s a lot of pain and no fun.” The root of this evil is when we make comparisons in life, investing and everywhere. Brian Halim’s post mentioned “They should never this as the Read More

1C3.SI Samurai 2K Aerosol Limited

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Business The company is involved in producing aerosol coating solutions for the automotive industry. Its own brands are using “Samurai”, “Kurobushi”, “Khameleon”, “Canbrush”, “Ninjustsu”, “Geiji”, “CanArt” and “Bushido”. It is headquartered in Malaysia, products are manufactured in Johor and distributed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and United States. The products deliver top quality spray painting Read More

An Unfortunate Event

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This post is not about financial freedom or finance related stuff. I just want to record a very unfortunate event that happened to me on the 5th March 2019. I was walking out for lunch when I realized that I lost my sole at the food center. Shit, I have a meeting in the afternoon Read More

Campbell Q2 2019

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It is a season of reporting and I am trying to catch up on reading companies’ quarterly reports. My mentor once told me if you really understand how to interpret the results, you can make money every quarter (apparently I am not, that’s why I am still working). He is a full time stockbroker and Read More
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