Double Whammy

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I was fired on 26th November 2018. On 6th December 2018, my wife told me that her company will shift her functions to offshore. This move will be completed by mid of 2019. She can choose to move to Hong Kong to continue her role but there will be disadvantages.If she does not continue her role Read More

ETF and Unit Trusts

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Introduction to ETF An Exchange Traded Fund is an investment fund that is listed and traded on stock exchange. Let us understand what is the mechanism between an Exchange Traded Fund. The creation of ETF occurs when the Participating Dealer buys securities from the market and gives them to the Fund Manager in exchange for Read More

History is repeating itself

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Today mark the last day of my work in my company. Last Friday, I had negotiated a commercial deal with my client. Today my managing director asked us to run through the costing spreadsheet and amended the deal to mobilisation and demobilisation of vessel in Batam at USD XX k, Standby Alongside Rate in Singapore Read More

Challenging week for family

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This whole week was terrible for the entire family as my son had fever for more than 5 days after seeing the pediatrician. We brought him to see his usual pediatrician and he was diagnosed with H1N1 virus or Influenza Type A. He was to be admitted to Thomson Medical Center on Monday evening so Read More

REIT selection and valuation

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How can you select a REIT? From a top down approach, analyse and decide which country, sector and real estate asset class you would like to invest in based on the macro environmental conditions and your risk profile and time horizon. Consider the risks associated with REIT and whether it is in line with your Read More

Factors in selection of REITs

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There are many factors to consider when investing in REITs. 1 – REITs that receive income support Some REITs are sponsored by a property developer. After developing the property, the developer injects this asset into the REIT. The developer may provide income support for the first few years to compensate for the shortfall in rental Read More

Wave of Retrenchment

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Life is tough as an employee in this age of disruption. I am currently working in an industry which is disrupted by shale gas. I remember I was made redundant 2017 Christmas eve. It took me close to four months before I found a job. Yesterday, there was an urgent meeting in the afternoon to Read More

Understanding REITs

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There are many different types of assets class such as bonds, equities, Unit Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Options and others. REITs are instruments that offer investors the opportunity to invest in a professionally managed portfolio of real estates through purchase of a publicly traded investment product. Individuals invest by Read More

A brief analysis of Micro-Mechanics

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We will like to spend some time to take a quick look at whether Micro-Mechanics is worth investing and whether it should be in our watch list. Introduction to Micro-Mechanics business Micro-Mechanics started in 1983 with a small factory in Singapore, designs and manufactures high precision tools and machines for wafer fabrication and assembly processes. Read More

Things I learnt from Christopher Ng’s Retirement Masterclass Preview

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I attended Christopher Ng’s Retirement Masterclass Preview on 1st November 2018. He achieved Financial Independence at age 39 and stop his career in IT. I brought my book to meet the author himself and he signed on the front page. I hope he will become very famous one day and my book will appreciate in Read More
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