Wave of Retrenchment

5 days ago JCprojectfreedom 0
Life is tough as an employee in this age of disruption. I am currently working in an industry which is disrupted by shale gas. I remember I was made redundant 2017 Christmas eve. It took me close to four months before I found a job. Yesterday, there was an urgent meeting in the afternoon to Read More

Change is the only constant

1 month ago JCprojectfreedom 0
There are many things in life which we cannot see them coming. When we thought we have figured everything out, life has its way to throw us a spanner, spoiling our plans. All around we see perpetual changes in technology, in communications, in transportation, in economics, in government and in politics. Change is rampant in Read More

End of March personal review

8 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
In March, I spent time on career discovery with Finexis Advisory, Phillips Capital and IPP FA. I sat through a few of the sales training, personality test, financial planning process and team meeting in Finexis Advisory EXO. From all the sessions, I find that EXO has one of the most comprehensive system which will prepare Read More
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