Why are we pursuing Financial Independence?

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There are two new articles by Christopher Ng (here) and Kyith (here) which explains the key reasons why we are pursuing financial independence. Christopher explains the following problems which financial independence is trying to solve.1. Emergence of gig economy2. Retrenchments are affecting younger workers Let me explain from my perspective on why we are pursuing Read More

JC Fund Dividend Income

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Q1 2019 has almost come to an end and most of the companies earnings have been announced. Most of the companies which I owned reported worse results when compared to last year and result in reduction of dividend. FY2018 including special dividend from January to June dividend was S$43k. FY2018 excluding special dividend from January Read More

My helper’s Quest for Financial Freedom

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My helper quarreled with my mother yesterday and she spoke to me that she would like to terminate the contract earlier. She does not want to transfer or seek employment elsewhere but return back to her hometown. This is not the first time she quarreled with my mother. My helper is a very intelligent lady, Read More

How to Exit Rat Race

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More Singaporeans will attest life-long employment is an archaic concept in this highly competitive and fast changing world, technology is disrupting almost every industries. Job security is a thing of the past. Listed companies are putting creation of shareholder value as priority, cutting jobs when revenue falls in order to make bottom line looks better Read More

Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

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An entrepreneur is someone with a burning desire to work for yourself and create something. There is difference between freedom and flexibility. Entrepreneur has flexibility, it can be the greatest strength, agility and ability to make quick decisions, and cultivate better financial habits. Don’t depend 100 percent on your business for your retirement income. Remember Read More

Early Retirement vs Semi-Retirement

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Early Retirement A study conducted by Melbourne University shows that after working for intense long hours will cause brain damage. For workers age 40 years old and above, the ideal number of working days should be just 3 days per week. This will keep the brain active yet will not over exert oneself due to Read More

Wealth Coaching 31st December 2017

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I saw my friend post in a closed group for eCommerce and I privately messaged him. I asked how has he been and what sort of questions he has for eCommerce. I spent some time trying to answer him on the specifics of drop shipping business in terms of the challenges I experienced previously with my friends.He Read More

Financial Freedom and Financial Independence

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Other than Thumbtack Investor,I also read investmentmoats and in one of the recent post is on Coasting Financial Independence (FI). From one of the post, it mentioned about the 10 stages of wealth. As we are frugal in our context, we have already achieved stage 7 to stage 8 of wealth through investing, savings and other source Read More

Alpha Lab Investment Mastermind Group and Relevation

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What do you do after work and during your free time determines how successful you will become in life. A few friends who are interested in investing came together on a Saturday afternoon to discuss individual investment approach, circle of competence and various stocks we are interested in. It has been very insightful and always Read More