Stock Research Checklist – Capital Investment

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Return on Asset = Net Income / Total Asset Total asset consist of debt and equity. This percentage gives the percentage of net income generated for the money invested which includes both debt and equity capital. As long as ROA is high, company shareholders will be greatly rewarded. What is the Company’s ROA for the last Read More

Stock Research Checklist – Profit Margin

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Net profit margin is a percentage in terms of how much net profit is generated from each dollar of revenue. Net profit margin = Net income / Revenue x 100 If a company increases its earnings, that is good. The next thing you need to identify is whether or not a company can maintain that Read More

Prudent Investing

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Prudent Investing Do you buy stocks based on what your friends, relatives or stock analysts recommend? Prudent investing is a mindset and philosophy of investors. Successful investing is accumulation of shares in a good business. The business grows or deteriorate on a daily basis but the share price tickers will fluctuate on a daily basis more than the actual business condition. This is what Read More

Euphoria and Depression

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Shoe Shine Boy In 1928 in New York City, John D Rockefeller was having his shoes shined. The shoe shine boy does not know who Rockefeller was, he started to give him stock tips. John took his shoe shine boy’s advice but decided that it was time to exit the market. He decided that if a shoe shine boy Read More

24/1/2016 AXP dropped further

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AXP dropped further to $55. Reasons cite that the payment industry is facing intense competition. With the rise of Fintech and other credit cards, will American Express lose its competitive advantage? Is the moat wide enough for the company to tide through the global slowdown? We shall see. As part of rebalancing of portfolio, once Read More

The Three Stages

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I was reading the newspaper yesterday and the chartist exclaimed that Singapore stocks is experiencing stage 2 bear market move and this could last more than 6 years. I got curious to understand about different stages of market. Firstly, there are two type of movements – primary and secondary. Primary movements represent the general trend Read More