Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

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I met up with my financial planner who is professional in his advise and planning which is different from those who I met in past.    Today I am going to discuss about Singapore Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS). The SRS is Singapore government’s strategy to address the financial needs of a graying population. SRS is voluntary unlike Read More

The Three Stages

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I was reading the newspaper yesterday and the chartist exclaimed that Singapore stocks is experiencing stage 2 bear market move and this could last more than 6 years. I got curious to understand about different stages of market. Firstly, there are two type of movements – primary and secondary. Primary movements represent the general trend Read More

Strategies to Early Retirement

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Early retirement to me means retiring at the age of 35, it can be 50 for you. Early retirement planning is the same as conventional retirement. However, you have lesser time to achieve what others usually achieve with 40 years of work. In addition, you will need more money to last throughout your retirement with an Read More

Savings 101

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Savings for the young Financial knowledge is not taught in school, not during my times. A lot of fresh graduates taste the liberty of first pay cheque and start to splurge on bags, clothes, shoes, jewelries, watches and fine dining. They have a mindset of spending future money using credit cards and when this viscous Read More

A difficult yet easy decision to make

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Today I am trying to evaluate my portfolio with a good friend and he pointed out my portfolio is risky as Singapore is experiencing slowdown. Almost 90% of my stocks are in Singapore. Furthermore, my portfolio is already 10% below original value. I was thinking of a strategy to either sell all my OCBC and Read More