Planning for Financial Freedom

3 months ago JCprojectfreedom 3
Recently I am worried, there will be few nights when I do not know whether we are still on track on our journey towards Financial Freedom. This is due to the trade war between China and United States where my HK stocks took a beating. To aggravate things further, Richard Liu (CEO of JD) was Read More

Learning from Growthbeans’ Self Awareness Week

3 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
I want to attend the Self Awareness course held by Growthbeans to increase my personal self awareness and understand about mental toughness. The first session was on Reiki. Reiki is healing therapy which involves the harness of universal life energy. This understanding of energy allows one to heal oneself and others, understand the energy of Read More

Life as an Employee

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I think life as an employee has some control over your future by controlling the internal factors but you have no say over the external factors. Early this year in May when I joined the company, I assisted to close a long term framework agreement for 5 years work. Now that this project is been Read More

Key Learning from Your Money or Your Life

4 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
This book Your Money or Your Life is written by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, it is a system to transform people’s relationship with money and offer a nine step plan to becoming free from paid work. There are many ideas in this book and not all of them will be applicable, there are many Read More

Review on “What do I really want in my career & life?”

4 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
This is an unbiased review after attending the workshop “What do I really want in my career and life” and I am not paid for writing this article. This post is meant for me to document what I have learnt and what are the AHA moments. How I chanced upon this workshop is through a Read More

Meeting with my accountant friend

4 months ago JCprojectfreedom 1
I met up with my accountant friend whom I have known during my first job 11 years ago. He is 42 years old this year and he has 3 children who are still young. His CFO needs him to do all the work. One day, he was looking through online job portal and realize that Read More

Hutchison Port Holdings Trust 30 June 2018

5 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
Operating profit is deteriorating to HK$1599.6 m in 1H2018 compared to HK$1663.9 m in 1H2017. Profits drops to HK$894.2 in 1H2018 compared to HK$937.6 m in 1H2017. Interest and other finance costs increases by 19.1% to HK$481m in 1H2018 compared to HK$403.9m in 1H2017. Earnings per share is HK 3.62 cents in 1H2018 compared to Read More

Power Assets 2018 Interim Results

5 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
According to Power Assets’ chairman’s statement, the first half of 2018 has delivered solid results. The Group’s unaudited profits for the six months ended 30 June 2018 amounted to HK$4,120 million compared to HK$4,024 million which is an increase of HK$96 million (2% increase) over the same period of last year, increase mainly contributed due Read More

Searching for Meaning in Life

5 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW. Life is not a quest for pleasure or a quest for meaning. The greatest quest is to find meaning in life. The possible sources for meaning: in work (doing something significant), in love (caring for others) and in courage during challenging times. Read More

NASDAQ:IBKR Interactive Brokers Group Inc

5 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
Business Overview¬† Interactive Brokers Group and LLC (hereby known as IB) are rated investment grade by Standard & Poor’s, it has more than 40 years of history as a broker dealer with equity capital of more than $6 billion. IB utilizes technology to provide liquidity, compete on price, speed, size and diversity of products and Read More
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