Erosion of Companies’ Moats

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It is becoming more difficult to find companies which can remain resilience in decades as we are in a turbulent era where technologies are disrupting traditional business at an exponential rate than a decade ago. As businesses become more globalized and economies opening up, high profit margin will attract competition. This is why highly profitable Read More

Things I learn from the Acquirer’s Multiple

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The Acquirer’s Multiple is written by Tobias E. Carlisle. A. Be a Contrarian In order to perform, your view needs to be different from the crowd. If you are buying into the hottest stock, most likely it will be inflated price where all the funds and retail investors are already invested. You will most likely Read More

Change is the only constant

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There are many things in life which we cannot see them coming. When we thought we have figured everything out, life has its way to throw us a spanner, spoiling our plans. All around we see perpetual changes in technology, in communications, in transportation, in economics, in government and in politics. Change is rampant in Read More

How to Exit Rat Race

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More Singaporeans will attest life-long employment is an archaic concept in this highly competitive and fast changing world, technology is disrupting almost every industries. Job security is a thing of the past. Listed companies are putting creation of shareholder value as priority, cutting jobs when revenue falls in order to make bottom line looks better Read More

Understand the Risks of Investing

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As individuals, we have little or no control over the investments made with our money in the stock market. I want to introduce the three states of money. Spend your money Lend your money Invest your money Spending incurs more than the cost of what you buy. Once spent, the money can never again earn Read More

Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

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An entrepreneur is someone with a burning desire to work for yourself and create something. There is difference between freedom and flexibility. Entrepreneur has flexibility, it can be the greatest strength, agility and ability to make quick decisions, and cultivate better financial habits. Don’t depend 100 percent on your business for your retirement income. Remember Read More

Early Retirement

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I read Kyith’s post¬†which clearly summarize all the important factors on some of the negativity of early retirement. In The New York Times’ article “How to Retire in Your 30s with $1 million in the Bank”, it mentioned that some millennials are retiring early and embrace the FIRE movement which stands for Financial Independence, Retire Read More

800 Super 4Q Results

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800 Super Q4 results was announced on 28th August 2018 and in the next few days, the share price took a beating and dropped from SGD 1 to a low of SGD 0.64. Since then, it has recovered to about SGD 0.80. In FY2018, the Group achieved revenue of SGD 151.1 m, a decrease of Read More

Planning for Financial Freedom

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Recently I am worried, there will be few nights when I do not know whether we are still on track on our journey towards Financial Freedom. This is due to the trade war between China and United States where my HK stocks took a beating. To aggravate things further, Richard Liu (CEO of JD) was Read More

Learning from Growthbeans’ Self Awareness Week

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I want to attend the Self Awareness course held by Growthbeans to increase my personal self awareness and understand about mental toughness. The first session was on Reiki. Reiki is healing therapy which involves the harness of universal life energy. This understanding of energy allows one to heal oneself and others, understand the energy of Read More
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